Fitting a bolt in half cage

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Fitting a bolt in half cage

Post by martyboi on Wed Mar 31, 2010 6:09 am

Heres a little guide for those wanting to fit a half cage, i probably would have gone for a full cage if i didn't use the corsa as an everyday road car too, but as you really need to be wearing a helmet in a car with a full cage i thought it was a good compromise.

First thing to do is get the seats out and trial fit the cage.
In the corsa i had to remove the old brackets that held the rear seats in place as they would foul the cage feet.

So out come the spot weld drill bit....... and i made a right mess Embarassed

Now with everything out the way its time to position the cage and mark up where it's going

Now this part is optional, but i think it is best to have some plates welded in under the feet to distribute the weight if you ever roll the car over.

Get rid of the sound deadening ( i hate this job Mad )

I used some 3mm thick mild steel for the plates, i had to cut them to fit to the contours of the floor pan
Also make sure you have cleaned all the paint from the surface where you will be welding.

**Warning** just make sure before you do any welding there is nothing underneath (like petrol lines) you don't want to start a fire do you!!!

Tack the plates in (yea i know my weldings rubbish Embarassed )

Then weld them in (be careful of underseal catching fire, so keep an eye out for flames Wink )

Then refit the cage and drill all the holes, and bolt up with some high tensile bolts.

After a lick of paint it doesn't look too bad Laughing

Its a good idea to get hold of some proper roll cage padding like this.... not pipe lagging from B&Q Laughing

*DISCLAIMER* This is intended as a guide only, i will not be held liable for any damage caused or anything OK!

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